How to Keep Composure

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Don’t take it personally. In many stressful situations, you might be tempted to perceive personal persecution or insult when none exists. For instance, sometimes at your place of employment, a coworker may make a decision that you disagree with or find to be inappropriate. However, do not take this as a personal affront to you but instead as a business decision.[1]

  • Assure yourself that everyone has their own ideas and that those ideas will inevitably be at odds with yours on occasion. Differing ideas are not necessarily meant as an insult against you.
  • Don’t allow your emotions to be manipulated or controlled by decisions made by others that are not personal.
  • Reflect on past outbursts. Think about the times you have reacted because of a burst of emotion in the past. Ask yourself whether or not these bursts of emotions have ever truly made a bad situation better. More often than not, the answer is no.
    • Consider how your emotional outbursts usually go. Think of the rule, not the exception. Once or twice, throwing a fit may have made things better. As a general rule, though, reacting to a sudden burst of emotion will complicate things even more.

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